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The following are books from McGrath's further reading list (p. 212-213, 283-284, 346-348). Linked titles take you to the library catalog record, where you will find the book's call number and availability. Titles available as eBooks will have a link to the eBook record following the listing. Alternatively, you can go to the EBSCO eBook site or app and search for the title to checkout and download the eBook for offline reading. Please consult our eBook guide for instructions.

Some titles are held by Franklin & Marshall College, with whom we have a special borrowing agreement. Books not held by Schaff Library may be requested via InterLibrary Loan (ILL) using the link provided. Please allow up to 2 weeks for an ILL request to be filled.
Competing Visions of Reform, c. 1500-c. 1650
Kingship and Politics in the Reign of Edward VI by Stephen Alford - Available at F&M  - Request via ILL

 The Refashioning of Catholicism, 1450-1700: A Reassessment of the Counter Reformation  by Robert Bireley

The Waning of the Renaissance, 1550-1640 by William J. Bouwsma - Request via ILL

 Transgressing the Bounds: Subversive Enterprises among the Puritan Elite in Massachusetts, 1630-1692  by Louise A. Breen

 The European Reformation  by Euan Cameron

The Cambridge Companion to Puritanism by John Coffey and Paul Chang-Ha Lim, eds. - Request via ILL

 Exploiting Erasmus: The Erasmian Legacy and Religious Change in Early Modern England  by Gregory D. Dodds

 Princes, Pastors, and People: The Church and Religion in England, 1500-1700  by Susan Doran and Christopher Durston

The Roots of the Reformation: Tradition, Emergence and Rupture by G. R. Evans - eBook available

 Erasmus, Contarini and the Religious Republic of Letters  by Constance M. Furey

 Protestant History and Identity in Sixteenth-Century Europe  by Bruce Gordon

 The Swiss Reformation  by Bruce Gordon

 Reformation in Britain and Ireland  by Felicity Heal

 God's Two Books: Copernican Cosmology and Biblical Interpretation in Early Modern Science  by Kenneth J. Howell

 The World of Catholic Renewal, 1540-1770  by R. Po-chia Hsia

 The English Reformation: Religion and Cultural Adaptation  by Norman L. Jones

 Religious Life and English Culture in the Reformation  by Marjo Kaartinen

Conciliation and Confession: The Struggle for Unity in the Age of Reform, 1415-1648 by Howard Louthan and Randall C. Zachman - Request via ILL

Reformation: Europe's House Divided by Diarmaid MacCulloch - Request via ILL

 The Intellectual Origins of the European Reformation  by Alister E. McGrath

 Iustitia Dei: A History of the Christian Doctrine of Justification  by Alister E. McGrath

The Reformation and the Visual Arts: The Protestant Image Question in Western and Eastern Europe by Sergiusz Michalski - Available at F&M - Request via ILL

 The Catholic Reformation  by Michael A. Mullett

 Calvin and the Consolidation of the Genevan Reformation  by William G. Naphy

 Papists, Protestants and Puritans, 1559-1714  by Diana Newton

 Reformation and the Culture of Persuasion  by Andrew Pettegree

 Henry VIII and the English Reformation  by Richard Rex

The Age of Reformation: The Tudor and Stewart Realms, 1485-1603 by Alec Ryrie - Request via ILL

 Sensuous Worship: Jesuits and the Art of the Early Catholic Reformation in Germany  by Jeffrey Chipps Smith

 Women and the Reformation  by Kirsi Irmeli Stjerna

 The Radical Reformation  by George H. Williams

 The Counter-Reformation Catholic Europe and the Non-Christian World  by A.D. Wright
The Modern Age, c. 1650-1914
 Religion and Politics in Enlightenment Europe  by James E. Bradley and Dale K. Van Kley

Heterodoxy in Early Modern Science and Religion by John Brooke and Ian McLean - Available at F&M  - Request via ILL

Earthly Powers: The Clash of Religion and Politics in Europe from the French Revolution to the Great War by Michael Burleigh - Available at F&M  - Request via ILL

Religion and the Enlightenment: From Descartes to Kant by James M. Byrne - Request via ILL

God's Empire: Religion and Colonialism in the British World, c. 1801-1908 by Hilary M. Carey - Available at F&M  - Request via ILL

Staging Reform, Reforming the Stage: Protestantism and Popular Theater in Early Modern England by Huston Diehl - Available at F&M  - Request via ILL

In Search of an American Catholicism: A History of Religion and Culture in Tension by Jay P. Dolan - Available at F&M  - Request via ILL

The Eye of the Storm: Bishop John William Colenso and the Crisis of Biblical Inspiration by Jonathan A. Draper - Request via ILL

 The Long Argument: English Puritanism and the Shaping of New England Culture, 1570-1700  by Stephen Foster

 Southern Cross: The Beginnings of the Bible Belt  by Christine Leigh Heyrman

 The Evangelical Conversion Narrative: Spiritual Autobiography in Early Modern England  by Bruce D. Hindmarsh

The Faiths of the Founding Fathers by David L. Holmes - Available at F&M  - Request via ILL

 "Pedlar in Divinity": George Whitefield and the Transatlantic Revivals, 1737-1770  by Frank Lambert

The Bible and the Gun: Christianity in South China, 1860-1900 by Joseph Tse-Hei Lee - Request via ILL

Jingjiao: The Church of the East in China and Central Asia by Roman Malek and Peter Hofrichter - Request via ILL

 Religion and the American Civil War  by Randall M. Miller, Harry S. Stout and Charles Reagan Wilson, eds.

The Expulsion of the Jesuits from Latin America by Magnus Mörner - Request via ILL

A History of Christianity in India, 1707-1858 by Stephen Neill - Request via ILL

 The Old Religion in a New World: The History of North American Christianity  by Mark A. Noll

The Idolatrous Eye: Iconoclasm and Theater in Early Modern England by Michael O'Connell - Available at F&M  - Request via ILL

Treason and the State: Law, Politics, and Ideology in the English Civil War by D. Alan Orr - Available at F&M  - Request via ILL

Religion Versus Empire? British Protestant Missionaries and Overseas Expansion, 1700-1914 by Andrew N. Porter - Request via ILL

 Muscular Christianity: Manhood and Sports in Protestant America, 1880-1920  by Clifford Putney

The Ottoman Empire, 1700-1922 by Donald Quataret - Available at F&M  - Request via ILL

Borrowed Gods and Foreign Bodies: Christian Missionaries Imagine Chinese Religion by Eric Reinders - Available at F&M  - Request via ILL

The Failure of Bismarck's Kulturkampf: Catholicism and State Power in Imperial Germany, 1871-1887 by Ronald J. Ross - Available at F&M  - Request via ILL

Russian Orthodoxy on the Eve of Revolution by Vera Shevzov - Available at F&M  - Request via ILL

 Christian Missions and the Enlightenment  by Brian Stanley, ed.

 The World Missionary Conference, Edinburgh 1910  by Brian Stanley

 The Jansenists and the Expulsion of the Jesuits from France, 1757-1765  by Dale K. Van Kley

The Religious Origins of the French Revolution: From Calvin to the Civil Constitution, 1560-1791 by Dale K. Van Kley - Available at F&M  - Request via ILL

God, Locke, and Equality: Christian Foundations of John Locke's Political Thought by Jeremy Waldron - Request via ILL
The Twentieth Century, 1914 to the Present
A Brief History of Vatican II by Giuseppe Albergio and Matthew Sherry - Request via ILL

 An Introduction to Pentecostalism  by Allan Anderson

A History of Eastern Europe 1740-1918 by Ian D. Armour - Available at F&M  - Request via ILL

 Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory: A Journey into the Evangelical Subculture in America  by Randall Balmer

The Great Influenza: The Epic Story of the Deadliest Plague in History by John M. Barry - Available at F&M  - Request via ILL

 The Desecularization of the World: Resurgent Religion and World Politics  by Peter L. Berger

The Great Revival: Beginnings of the Bible Belt by John B. Boles - Available at F&M  - Request via ILL

 Science and Religion: Some Historical Perspectives  by John Hedley Brooke

 God Is Dead: Secularization in the West  by Steve Bruce

 Revive Us Again: The Reawakening of American Fundamentalism  by Joel Carpenter

 Competitive Spirits: Latin America's New Religious Economy  by J. Andrew Chesnut

The Globalization of Charismatic Christianity: Spreading the Gospel of Prosperity by Simon Coleman - Request via ILL

 A Long Walk to Church: A Contemporary History of Russian Orthodoxy  by Nathaniel Davis

 The Megachurch and the Mainline: Remaking Religious Tradition in the Twenty-First Century  by Stephen Ellingson

 Theologians under Hitler: Gerhard Kittel, Paul Althaus, and Emanuel Hirsch  by Robert P. Ericksen

 Come Shouting to Zion: African American Protestantism in the American South and the British Caribbean to 1830  by Sylvia R. Frey and Betty Wood - eBook also available

Missionary Responses to Tribal Religions at Edinburgh, 1910 by J. Stanley Friesen - Request via ILL

Christianity in India: From Beginnings to the Present by Robert Eric Frykenberg - Request via ILL

 Christianity in Latin America: A History  by Justo L. González and Ondina E. González

The Catholic Revolution: New Wine, Old Wineskins, and the Second Vatican Council by Andrew M. Greeley - Available at F&M  - Request via ILL

 Defending the Faith: J. Gresham Machen and the Crisis of Conservative Protestantism in Modern America  by Darryl G. Hart

Redeeming the South: Religious Cultures and Racial Identities among Southern Baptists, 1865-1925 by Paul Harvey - eBook availableAvailable at F&M

 Christians Versus Muslims in Modern Egypt: The Century-Long Struggle for Coptic Equality  by Sana Hassan

 Pentecostalism: Origins and Developments Worldwide  by Walter J. Hollenweger

 Protestant Origins in India: Tamil Evangelical Christians, 1706-1835  by D. Dennis Hudson

 A History of Christianity in Africa from Antiquity to the Present  by Elizabeth Isichei

 The Next Christendom: The Coming of Global Christianity  by Philip Jenkins

 Islands of Holiness: Rural Religion in Upstate New York, 1790-1860  by Curtis D. Johnson

The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers by Paul Kennedy - Available at F&M  - Request via ILL

Russian Society and the Orthodox Church: Religion in Russia after Communism by Zoe Katrina Knox - Request via ILL

 Meiji Protestantism in History and Historiography: A Comparative Study of Japanese and Western Interpretation of Early Protestantism in Japan  by Aasulv Lande

 The Black Church in the African-American Experience  by C. Eric Lincoln and Lawrence H. Mamiya

Global Catholicism: Diversity and Change since Vatican II by Ian Linden - Available at F&M  - Request via ILL

 Billy Graham and the Beloved Community: America's Evangelist and the Dream of Martin Luther King, Jr.  by Michael G. Long

 The Presbyterian Controversy: Fundamentalists, Modernists, and Moderates  by Bradley J. Longfield

Opting for Democracy?: Liberation Theology and the Struggle for Democracy in Brazil by Iain S. MacLean - Request via ILL

 Tongues of Fire: The Explosion of Protestantism in Latin America  by David Martin

 The Religious Crisis of the 1960s  by Hugh McLeod

 The Decline of Christendom in Western Europe, 1750-2000  by Hugh McLeod and Werner Ustorf, eds.

 Reinventing American Protestantism: Christianity in the New Millennium  by Donald E. Miller

 A History of Christianity in Asia  by Samuel H. Moffett

 What Happened at Vatican II  by John W. O'Malley

Franco and Hitler: Spain, Germany, and World War II by Stanley G. Payne - Available at F&M  - Request via ILL

 Secularization and Cultural Criticism: Religion, Nation, & Modernity  by Vincent P. Pecora

Storming the Heavens: The Soviet League of the Militant Godless by Daniel Peris - Available at F&M  - Request via ILL

 Christianities in Asia  by Peter C. Phan, ed.

Red Priests: Renovationism, Russian Orthodoxy, and Revolution, 1905-1946 by Edward E. Roslof - Available at F&M  - Request via ILL

Christianity and Chinese Culture by Miikka Ruokanen and Paulos Huang, eds. - Request via ILL

 The Changing Face of Christianity: Africa, the West, and the World  by Lamin O. Sanneh and Joel A. Carpenter - eBook also available

God and the British Soldier: Religion and the British Army in the First and Second World Wars by Michael F. Snape - Request via ILL

 Missions, Nationalism, and the End of Empire  by Brian Sanley, ed.

 Is Latin America Turning Protestant? The Politics of Evangelical Growth  by David Stoll

 A Secular Age  by Charles Taylor

Spain: From Dictatorship to Democracy, 1939 to the Present by Javier Tusell - Request via ILL

The Old Enemies: Catholic and Protestant in Nineteenth-Century English Culture by Michael Wheeler - Available at F&M  - Request via ILL

Redeemed by Fire: The Rise of Popular Christianity in Modern China by Lian Xi - Available at F&M  - Request via ILL

Reading to Review Presentation
Please allow a few moments for the presentation to load. If you get a flash error, click here to view on the Prezi site.

Big6 Steps for Writing a Book Review
Using the Big6 Skills process model approach, here are some steps that may help you work through writing your book review.

Step 1: Task Definition
Read the assignment thoroughly and make sure you understand what the requirements and expectations are. Is there anything you don't understand or aren't sure about? Ask questions!

Step 2: Information Seeking Strategies
What type of information do you need to complete the assignment? Which books are you most interested in from the list of possible titles? Are there additional resources (in this guide or elsewhere) that may help you in preparing to write your review? This step is about brainstorming on what sources you might need to look for and what may help you complete the assignment.
     An important note: while you might think it helpful to read someone else's review of the book you intend to review, it is best to avoid looking at someone else's review of your selected book. This will help you to develop your own independent, scholarly voice.

Step 3: Location and Access
This is when you go to the library and/or look things up on the Internet. You will locate the book your reviewing and any additional resources that you think might be helpful to your process.
     As you do a quick skim of your sources, you may find that they lead you to other sources or that there are additional sources you may need to identify by revisiting Step 2.

Step 4: Use of Information
This is the intense stage of reading the book you are reviewing. If you aren't sure about how to write a book review, this step may also include reading a few book reviews for other books (not the one you are reviewing) to better understand the genre and style. Use the questions in the assignment guidelines to help track your critical engagement with the book as you read.
     As you read the book your are reviewing, you may find it helpful to consult outside sources to round out your knowledge of certain concepts or topics. This is not a research paper, however, and consulting outside sources is not necessary. If you choose to engage in additional research, you will repeat steps 2, 3, and 4. 

Step 5: Synthesis
This is the writing stage. You'll want to organize your notes from reading the book and put them into a book review format. Be sure you understand the preferred format and MLA Style for your references and citations. Most will find it necessary to only cite the book you are reviewing and will not cite additional sources. It is a good idea to draft your book review several days before the due date to allow yourself time to reread it and revise it before turning it in. 

Step 6: Evaluation
When you have finished the assignment, take a step back and ask yourself, "How did it go?" Are you happy with what you are turning in? Do you still have questions that are unanswered? Are there any parts of the process (Step 1 through Step 5) that you would do differently next time? What have you learned about the course material, book reviews, writing, and your own creative process?
Online Resources for Writing Book Reviews
"Writing Theological Book Reviews" by the librarians at Trinity College in the University of Toronto is a comprehensive guide for writing book reviews. It breaks the process down into four parts: prepare to read and review, read the book, organize your thoughts, and write the review.

A Sample Book Review can be found on McAfee School of Theology's website. This student paper may provide a helpful glimpse into one way a theological book review can be formatted for a seminary class. Please note that this is a sample from another school and the requirements of your assignment at LTS may differ greatly. This sample also uses the Chicago style for references, which is different from the MLA style adopted by LTS.
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Big6 Skills Planning Worksheet
 Big6SkillsWorksheet.pdf pdf 

This worksheet can help you organize and plan your work for the assignment if you decide to follow the Big6 Skills approach outlined to the left.
How to Find Book Reviews
Looking at published book reviews may also be helpful as you prepare for this assignment. Here's how to find a book review through the ATLA Religion Database.

Book Reviews in ATLA Religion Database
1. Go to the Databases page

2. Click ATLA Religion Database with ATLA Serials

3. Enter your search parameters (keyword, journal title, publication date, etc.) or leave them blank, and do two additional things:
a) select "Review" under Publication Type on the bottom left of the Limit Your Results box.
b) check the box next to "Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals"

4. Execute the search to see your results