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1 How can I get access to Taylor and Francis Online resources ( Unfortunately I want to use too many of them. The school login gets me access to the webpage, but to actually see any journal they want another login from the institution or OpenAthens. I haven't figured out how to make anything I entered work. They do have a registration for librarians. Thanks for the help. Holly Wildhack
Comment from on Apr 21 2018

hbingman@lancasterseminary.eduHi Holly,

The best way to access our online resources is to first log in to your library patron account at You'll need to be logged in to your seminary email to do so. This will then grant you access to our subscribed resources, some of which are through Taylor and Francis. It'd be best to search for these journals via our Discovery service on the library's website. We would not have access to every journal title that Taylor and Franic offers. Please feel free to email us if you need further support,


Answered by Hannah Bingman-Forshey, Circulation Manager

2 I am looking for material on "liberation congregations" formed through the United Church Board for Homeland Ministries in the 1970s. Do you have any materials on this? Rev. Galen Hahn
Comment from on Jan 11 2018

hbingman@lancasterseminary.eduHi Galen,
It looks like we have a number of publications from the United Church Board for Homeloand Ministries. A quick search didn't come up with any titles specific to liberation congregations but you are welcome to search our online catalog at
Here is a direct link to publications authored by the United Church Board for Homeland Ministries.

Thank you,

Answered by Hannah Bingman-Forshey, Circulation Manager

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