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1 If I put a book "on hold" online, does that mean it will be ready for me to pickup at the Library front desk?
Comment from on Aug 06 2017

hbingman@lancasterseminary.eduYes, you may put a book on hold while logged in to your account. We will see it when we check for holds and put it behind the desk for you.

Answered by Hannah Bingman-Forshey, Circulation Manager

2 Do you have any writings of St Francis of Assisi?
Comment from on Jun 28 2017

hbingman@lancasterseminary.eduWe have a number of materials written by and about St. Francis of Assisi. You can view our holdings by searching our catalog here

Answered by Hannah Bingman-Forshey, Circulation Manager

3 I am an alum who has lots of books in my library. (What Pastor doesn't? LOL) I would be interested in sharing some of them with the Library. Is that possible and how do I make it happen? Thanks for your thoughts. Lori Eck Esslinger class of 1989
Comment from on May 31 2017

hbingman@lancasterseminary.eduHi Lori,
We generally do not accept donations at this time. However, we will take small amounts if our students can use them. Take a look at our donation guidelines and see if your books align with them. You can then email me, to let me know when you would like to drop them off. Thanks!

Answered by Hannah Bingman-Forshey, Circulation Manager

4 Will you be having a Spring Used Booksale? If so, could you let me know the dates as I will need take off time from work. Thanks! Doug
Comment from on Apr 06 2017

hbingman@lancasterseminary.eduHi Doug,
We no longer host large public book sales at this time. We do offer bulk book sales to interested buyers. There are a number of withdrawn titles available in our storage area. Contact me at if you'd like to schedule a time to view our stock.

Answered by Hannah Bingman-Forshey, Circulation Manager

5 I'm trying to access the ATLA Religion database. I am an alum. I have logged in but when I try to access the database it asks me to sign in by choosing either or OpenAthens. When I choose the seminary tab it gives me my two gmail accounts but gives me an error when I click on them? Do I need to register an email address or do something else? Thanks for your help.
Comment from on Mar 10 2017

hbingman@lancasterseminary.eduAlumni/ae accounts in good standing have been registered with OpenAthens using the email addresses that are on file. Instructions with login information is sent to your email address listed in your patron account. Please check your other email accounts for this information and/or let us know if you'd prefer to use a different email.

Answered by Hannah Bingman-Forshey, Circulation Manager

6 Hi, I am working on my PhD proposal and was wondering if you provide guests with access to your database. I am looking for access to PQDT. I live in Lititz and would love to stop by to do some research if possible.
Comment from on Feb 24 2017

hbingman@lancasterseminary.eduThe library is open to the public, and you are welcome to visit during operating hours. Our public computers do provide access to our subscribed databases. Guests are welcome to use these resources while visiting the library. Only students, staff, and alumni have off-site access.

Answered by Hannah Bingman-Forshey, Circulation Manager

7 I just renewed some books online and see that my card expires today. Can I renew online or do I need to come in.
Comment from on Feb 01 2017

hbingman@lancasterseminary.eduAn email to or a phone call to the library at 717-290-8707 requesting an account renewal is all that is needed. As long as your account is in good standing and not carrying any fines, it will be renewed for another year.

Answered by Hannah Bingman-Forshey, Circulation Manager

8 I am trying to find a book, The LeVan Family History, by Rev. Warren Patton Coon, published in 1927. I went on-line and it said that you have a copy. Would it be possible for me (a non-student) to borrow it? I am tracing my family lineage and the LeVan's are a major part of that history.
Comment from on Dec 21 2016

mkstephens@lancasterseminary.eduOur catalog includes items that are in the Schaff Library collection and the Evangelical and Reformed Historical Society collection. In the catalog record, it will indicate by item type and location if it is in Schaff Library or ERHS. This particular item is in the ERHS collection. ERHS does not circulate items, but welcomes visitors and researchers to come in person to view items. Please consult their website ( for current hours and contact information to make an appointment.

Answered by Myka Kennedy Stephens, Seminary Librarian

9 Has the Seminarian Hour talk from 11/30/16 been posted online (Dr O'Brien's talk)?
Comment from on Dec 15 2016

mkstephens@lancasterseminary.eduYes, most Seminarian Hour recordings are being made available via GoTo Webinar. This particular recording can be accessed by registering for the webinar with this link.

For different webinars, please check the calendar or your email archive to find the registration link. Can't find the link archived anywhere? Just send us your request and we'll get you connected!

Answered by Myka Kennedy Stephens, Seminary Librarian

10 Looking for records of Salem Reformed Church, PNEC, Weatherly, PA
Comment from on Oct 24 2016

hbingman@lancasterseminary.eduOur library does not keep church records. You will want to contact the Evangelical & Reformed Historical Society. Find more information here:

Answered by Hannah Bingman-Forshey, Circulation Manager

11 I am an alumni of LTS and would like to have remote access to research topics on EBSCO, ATLA, etc. I see that being an alumni may allow me to do that. Could you please tell me if I would be permitted to do so as well as the steps I must take to gain access? Thank you!
Comment from on Oct 08 2016

mkstephens@lancasterseminary.eduAlumni are permitted to access some of our electronic resources remotely (off-campus). A current library account is required for this access. To sign up for a library account, or to renew your expired account, please contact us at We will ask you for your mailing address, email address, phone number, and graduating class to confirm your status as an alumnus/a.

Answered by Myka Kennedy Stephens, Seminary Librarian

12 Do you still accept used books? I have many commentaries and textbooks to donate. Thanks.
Comment from on Sep 28 2016

hbingman@lancasterseminary.eduYes and no. We are no longer hosting large public book sales and still revising our current donation policy. In short, we now only accept books that may be useful to our students. You can email me at if you have more questions.

Answered by Hannah Bingman-Forshey, Circulation Manager

13 I was wondering if someone might want to spend a little time in a one on one with a person who is challenged with using the library system.
Comment from on Sep 23 2016

hbingman@lancasterseminary.eduAbsolutely! You can ask for help at the Circulation Desk, get in touch with us via email, or schedule an appointment with Myka using the "book now" button on the bottom right of this screen. We can find a time that works for you and help you navigate the library's resources.

Answered by Hannah Bingman-Forshey, Circulation Manager

14 When I logged in tonight, I got a message that my card expires on 9/9/16. What do I need to do to either get a new card or extend this one?
Comment from on Aug 28 2016

mkstephens@lancasterseminary.eduWe run reports every two weeks to catch student accounts that have expired. We check enrollment and renew accounts for students who are currently enrolled. 

For anyone who receives a notice that your account is expiring soon, you may contact the circulation desk by phone at 717-290-8707 or email to and request a renewal.

Answered by Myka Kennedy Stephens, Seminary Librarian

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