How do I upload a document to submit for an assignment?

When submitting an assignment to Moodle, you will need to be logged in to Moodle and viewing the course for which the assignment is to be submitted. Scroll to the topic/week within which the assignment is to be submitted. Click on the name of the assignment.

Under "Submission status," select "Add submission."

Scroll to "File submissions" and select the page "+" icon located in the upper left part of the submission box. Select "Choose File" and select the document containing your completed assignment. Then select "Upload this file."


You may complete this same action by clicking and dragging the document file from where it is saved on your computer into the submission box with the blue animated arrow. If you have more than one file to submit, repeat this process.

Click on "Save changes."

Depending on your instructor's settings, this will effectively submit your assignment. There may also be an "Edit submission" option but it is best to be prepared that your file will be submitted as uploaded after saving changes. Under "Submission status" it will read "Submitted for grading."

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