When I try to login to Moodle with the Google button, I get an error. How do I get in to Moodle?

Are you seeing a screen that looks like this?
screenshot of Google 403 error

If you're getting an error screen from Google with the number 403 and error type "org_internal," this means that you are logged into a different Google account that does not have access to Moodle.

  1. Go to https://accounts.google.com
  2. Click your user picture in the upper right corner to see your account details.
  3. If your lancasterseminary.edu account does not appear in the list of accounts in your user menu, click "Add account"
  4. Log in to your lancasterseminary.edu Google account using your assigned email address and password.
  5. Once you have successfully logged in to your lancasterseminary.edu Google account, return to Moodle and try logging in again. If you are logged in to more than one Google account, you will be prompted to choose which Google account to use with Moodle. Choose your lancasterseminary.edu account.

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